At one point I also opened my door to tell my boyfriend that I was having a hard time getting myself to prick my finger. The process was super simple and I got the results quick enough, which is why it even has 2 stars.I've also had family members use it before and the results be right.I did the snap it and sanitized the bathroom and myself as best of my abilities. Not horrible, but really nauseous and tired for the first trimester. Wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy. Has anyone here had wrong results with sneak peek? Please select a reason for escalating this post to the WTE moderators: Connect with our community members by starting a discussion. Meaning your test is an outlier, not the norm. Taking the test was HARD. Therefore, a previous male-bearing pregnancy will not affect your current test results. Does SneakPeek Traits Early DNA Test enable me to find DNA relatives or matches? One test said boy , two said girl. Results cam back BOY. Had an ultrasound yesterday at 17w4d and he was very much a boy! At her anatomy scan it was Definitely a boy , it said girl but i did the nipt test got results back thursday its a boy . I have had way too many people have similar experiences to me for me to think it is accurate. This pregnancy has been awful from the start. Please select a reason for escalating this post to the WTE moderators: Connect with our community members by starting a discussion. Our results said its a girl! I am 100% team boy and now it might be a girl? You too! By about 7 weeks it had set in and I felt pretty darn crappy for a while. I keep a very clean house as it is, but I was very determined to find out what I was having early, so was thorough. Amanda, I hope you get your second sweet girl, and am praying for a healthy pregnancy for you! After reading a few of the negative reviews for results saying it was a boy and then going to the anatomy scan and it being wrong, we were a little concerned when our results came back and said it was a boy. Crossing my fingers so much for you! I hate being disappointed but I am. I took the Sneak peek clinical at 8 weeks 3days. I was so hesitant to believe I was actually getting the boy we wanted !! I have shared this with many woman over the years and have had many happy results. Well, I just had my 12 week scan on Friday and Im really thinking the Sneak Peek is wrong. You can get a false boy result due to male contamination. Therefore, I suppose there is a chance of contamination. When will my SneakPeek Traits sample be received at your lab? I took the sneak a peek test at 9 weeks! I just took mine at 9 weeks, my husband never came in contact with the package or contents. I ended up with brothers and sisters. He got to explaining the position of the genitals but then said we will most definitely know next time you come. I have just done my sneakpeek test and my results have come back BOY aswell.. i have 3 boys, my partner and my male dog living at home.. this pregnancy just doesnt feel the same as the other 3 so will definitely update as soon as i know. To be honest Im not shocked at all , I truly believe I cant have girls . When I emailed customer service requesting an actual tracking number I never received a response. Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. I bet its right. But Ive done it twice now and both times, the turnaround was longer than 72 hours. I just took sneak peek and it came back boy and I already have a 13 month boy. Loved this! I had scrubbed under my nails really hard, but I feel like its worth noting that blood DID go under them. Yes, I'm definitely going with the NIPT. I did the faster one this time. There are 2 options based on what you buy. I really just dont know how to feel at this point. I ordered my test and received it 4 days later. Please wait for your scans people! I just sort of blocked it out because I just didnt think it was right. Such a fun surprise. I had a boy still born in 2018; and since have had 2 girls. I hope you soon find comfort in your decisions and in life. The collection process was annoying, but not too difficult. My result said male, confirmed with NIPT testing a few weeks later, visually confirmed by my doctor at the 12 week and visually confirmed with certainty at the 20 week. Group Black's collective includes Essence, The Shade Room and Naturally Curly. Your post will be hidden and deleted by moderators. You will have to report back the blood under the nails seems to be one of the biggest culprits for the wrong result, but for me there was no way to stop that. I wish I would have never done the sneak peek test because I feel like I would not have been so upset about the ultrasound. If you follow the instructions and completely sanitize everything before you touch anything in the box then youll be okay! 3/15/2018: I am starting out by giving this company/test a 3 Star review. You can get a false girl if you do it too soon so the male dna wasnt detectable yet. if you do the blood work through your actual doctors orders its correct! Also gender disappointment, may cause people to abort a child based on a gender. reading these discussions have me second guessing , I also heard that most mistakes are made when you are told youre having a boy, because some of the Y chromosome (male chromosome) somehow got into your blood sample. I was fairly confident in my abilities to take the test, and was so sure it was a girl, so I figured I was good to go, and my hunch would be validated earlier. You order a test online. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It sure seems like girl results are normally pretty accurate so I would trust it! I ordered the test on January 10th. We decided to go to an early ultrasound place at 14 weeks and 4 days and she said congrats youre having a girl! It definitely is possible it was wrong. Hi! Can FedEx pick up my SneakPeek FastTrack sample? If you used SneakPeek FastTrack, your results will be sent by 8:59 pm Pacific Time (11:59 pm Eastern Time) the same day your Sample Arrived email is received. Sign up and stay in the know! I took the sneak peek test at 9 weeks and it came back 100% boy! Im very disappointed in this because I am an Nurse and had one my coworkers draw my blood (from a vein my hand) under sterile conditions. We did the Sneak Peek test (through a lab that collected my blood, not at home!) I really want my little girl . Check out with Sezzle and split your entire order into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks. Have you heard of any false results from the professional Sneak Peek test? Did this test as early as allowed and I wasnt able to get enough blood so had to retest two weeks later (I believe it was 8 weeks when I did the second test). When I got to the OB they drew my blood and I sent it off that same day, the next day I got my results and it said boy. a nub shot guess and distinguishable genitalia is not the same thing, its a shot in the dark at that point. I did a sneak peek test at 11 wks and said I was having a girl. Aww first off congratulations and second, I am so sorry youre dealing with all of this pandemic stuff while pregnant. The tech stated that we could do another scan but it wouldnt be possible for a few weeks because of the holidays. Im going to see if my insurance will cover the NIPT testing to see if I can figure out the gender at 12 weeks. SneakPeek is a registered trademark of Gateway Genomics, LLC. Knowing the test could be wrong, I guess we have small hope its a girl but I have a guy feeling its another boy. Fast forward to 11 weeks we do the NIPT screening and results come back that baby is actually a BOY! This pregnancy is the exact same, if not easier this time. crossing my fingers for you! Im not certain If that could play a role in result. Conspiracy theory as I sit here hoping my SneakPeek is wrong (they say our 2nd boy is on the way, were only planning on 2 kids, and Im devastated at the thought of never having a daughter): Part of me wonders if this company doesnt even test the blood and just chooses boy or girl at random. I would love to hear in the comments if you have done the Sneak Peek test, and if so if your sneak peek test results were accurate or not, and for what gender! I was very disappointed and Felt so down. Oh ok and when did you find out it was a boy ? Like once you wash your hands, you have to air dry just to be safe. To my surprise, and I feel guilty saying this, to my disappointment, the results came back as boy. Ill be sure to update when I do. But I do feel I will always be missing that daughter I crave for. Boy results are actually wrong quite often. We have to mourn the loss of never having a daughter/son. Incase you arent familiar with the test, let me first walk you through how the test works. I reached out to them and was initially offered to buy a new test at a holiday discounted price. I have a husband and a sonand a male dog LOL so I scrubbed everything to my hearts content! I was so surprise and my friends were saying when is different it might be a different sex, and deep down I was kinda neutral, in my heart I kneww I want a baby girl so bad but i knew that Gods will is the best! I have updated this blog post to contain a video with some of the comments from both readers and friends and their experiences. Not much male dna in the house so Im assuming the results are accurate. (Av is my second.). Enjoy all things fun and girly! We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. Oh, I also have a male dog so Im the only female in the house. The increased accuracy and the opportunity to sell an extra kit to people who contaminated their samples should offset the cost of running the extra PCR somewhat and if the test was less error-prone, they could raise their price slightly and I think most of us would prefer that. I went into their office still in denial. Anyway the results came back today and it says Im having another boy . Im nauseous most of the time, my boobs are already sore and have been sore since I first found out. How does the microneedle part of SneakPeek Snap work? So, I decided to repeat the test via clinical version again at over 8 weeks. I know all speculation . Congratulations!! I have also heard the same as you regarding if you had a boy a previous pregnancy, however my last boy was almost 6 years ago and I think that was saying the last year or so? The reason boy can be false is because they look for male dna (so if it gets contaminated thats how it can be false) and if none is found then youre having a girl. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU and I dont even know you haha. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. I know the at home test has much higher chances of being inaccurate due to contamination- so I am really wanting to know if anyone has had any wrong results from the CLINICAL where you go into the clinic and have a phleblotomist draw your blood. My name is Laxmi. Has anyone had that test be wrong? I got my result and it says Im having a girl, but Im scared to get excited but I cant help it since I was SO sure I was having a boy. I took the sneakpeak test this week at my OB office. Its real and its hard. Avoid if you can. I would say I was 60/40 leaning towards wanting a girl. and the results sent to me said boy. I posted all about the symptoms and old wives tales on this post, so if youre curious on that be sure to check out that post too. One that I thought I had already made up my mind about. So the test worked for me!! Ill feel so silly if its not! If they tell me a boy Ill double check on my anatomy ultrasound I will get later on in my pregnancy. Hi Maggie! I hear theres more cross contamination risks with the lancet. If I ever get pregnant again, I think Ill just assume its another boy. I sent in my sample twice and both times the samples were unable to be processed. I had to cancel my gender reveal twice! #sneakpeekbaby. I really felt like I was having to defend myself to so many who never understood, because they had never been in that position. With the increased accuracy, their reviews would increase, so they'd probably sell more kits and any time they return a "contaminated" result they may end up selling another kit as well -- much better than sending a "boy" result and having an angry customer bashing you to their friends and on Amazon when they get the ultrasound and see that its really a girl. Anyway, I do the NIPT test in a couple weeks and itll tell me the gender too. Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. I put my trust into a company that was supposedly reliable and only to learn that after doing some research- I'm . Who can use SneakPeek Traits Early DNA Test? Also to note: Im still nursing my youngest son. Lol I am a RN so I had it drawn from an IV site at work to eliminate any risk of decontamination. The test says it is 99.1% accurate. What ended up happening? Ive gotten used to the idea and am just as excited. I know few people who follow rules better, and keep a cleaner home, so although that was likely what skewed the results, I feel that is the same for so many others then. They are probably more accurate. What to Expect supports Group Black and its mission to increase greater diversity in media voices and media ownership. Wondering if any of the false positives spoken about here were with the snap? However, this time around we were trying for a girl. So Ill get to it! I am scheduling a 3D ultrasound around 15 weeks to confirm. It should be labeled as something for fun. However, all the symptoms you mentioned, Ive been having and I didnt have with my first 2. We respect everyones right to express their thoughts and opinions as long as they remain respectful of other community members, and meet What to Expects Terms of Use. In the opposite way. Im curious to see what NIPT will say but Id definitely lean towards boy until then, if it was me! Anyone can write a Trustpilot review. I just wanted to share my experience. You did NIPT also, so you would know that they make you wait until 10 weeks so that there is for sure enough fetal DNA in your blood. My friend is a nurse (diff person). Now I need a boy. So I quickly sit down get my refillable waterbottle(that my boys handled earlier), I wasnt thinking but knew I needed something cold quick. I was under the impression that there is no way of telling babys gender via ultrasound that early on. Absolute joke. The result were timely and I truly appreciated that. I did sneak peek at 8 weeks 1 day, the test where you actually go to a lab and they draw your blood and send it off. This is slightly controversial and I want you to hear me out. Even though I followed instructions super close and was very careful. I'm hoping mine was wrong as I have 2 boys already and this is my last bean. Just got my results and hoping they are wrong as I have 4 boys last try for a girl it states 100% boy buy idk this time I been so sick have pimples and redskin not my glow I was sure it was a girl I have 2 boys and just received my sneak peek results back and it said boy as well. Can I wash the swab? I had spent the month prior both sad, but mostly confused, and when I think back to it I am half happy I did it, because hearing its a girl was that much sweeter, but also regret it because I spent a month just so emotionally torn. Theyre actually more accurate when drawn by a phlebotomist, I looked into it A LOT prior to doing mine. Still me and my fianc both and even his family and my family say its a girl. Unfortunately, this time, I never even thought about reading the reviews about this test before purchasing it. But I told my OB and she was confident as it was boy and not girl. Based on my past experiences, its kinda strange for me to be pregnant and dont feel sick. She then began to tell me that she actually had 2 sisters. One that I thought I would never have to answer again. I read youre not supposed to scrape your blood into the vial but I had to. My blood sample was taken at a participating location. Desperately wanted a boy. They did send me another test completely free and also fast tracked my test so Id find out the same day they got the test back, so Im grateful for thatmy second test I did at 9 weeks + 4 days and got girl results back. Fast forward one week. think twice before sharing personal details, foster a friendly and supportive environment, remove fake accounts, spam and misinformation, delete posts that violate our community guidelines, reviewed by our medical review board and team of experts. Im pregnant with a bonus baby very much unplanned after 3 boys who are 11,9,7. Girl it is!! Results came back Girl and after two ultrasounds to confirm and her birth earlier this year she is indeed all girl! crossing my fingers for accurate results either way! I did a Sneak Peek test at exactly 8 weeks at a third party ultrasound place. A Group Owner is a member that has initiated the creation of a group to connect with other members to share their journey through the same pregnancy & baby stages. Ive only thrown up once and that was from gaging with tooth brushing. And I think I have pretty good intuition. If it said you had enough fetal DNA you should be fine! Blood pooled under my nails as well, so that is giving some hope (weird sentence lol). The instructions tell you to make sure you dont get blood under your nails, which I also found to be impossible due to how you have to get the blood and the slow flow. I already have 4 boys who I love deeply and wouldnt change for the world . This is a great test, but it has one huge flaw. I had the Sneak Peak Clinical done at 8 weeks (so not the at home version, I went to a little boutique and had my blood drawn) and those results told us we were having a baby boy. *Times shown are based on shipping method used, and may vary based on proximity to SneakPeek labs. The test gets sent to a uk mail centre then to a lab in America, which you wont get tracking unless you harass the customer service department. Like not at all. Congratulations! It wasnt easy and if these results arent accurate Ill be real annoyed. When I did my sample, the test tube absolutely would not click shut and my sample clotted. Results are not accurate. Thanks for reading! Oh my gosh Im so excited for you. Oh my goodness I am crossing my fingers for you. Later, once I was able to compose myself I reached out again and was told that I must have fallen into the .09% and ultrasounds were only 80%. I appreciate your vulnerability. I filled the vial halfway before I almost passed out. This educational content is not medical or diagnostic advice. Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2023. I am so much hoping my sneak peak boy results were wrong just like yours. Hi, Can I take the SneakPeek Test if Im breastfeeding? Learn more about, Twins & Multiples: Your Tentative Time Table. I completed the rest of the routine questions and went to cry in my car. I got sneak peek clinical done at 8 weeks - boy result. Im a mom of 3 boys (5-year-old twin boys and 4-year-old boy) so I and my hubby really want a baby girl, plus we didnt even plan this pregnancy. Was given to myself as a gift from my mom at six weeks. You guys should have just chosen the option where you take it to a lab and get a phlebotomist to draw your blood for you. The blood definitely did get under my nail and I took the test in the same bathroom my husband and I share sooo Im extra skeptical. Yes I surely did! What did it end up being and how close were your pregnancies. Total scam, do not waste money !!! Bleach and all! I really want my little girl . Does taking progesterone or other hormones affect my results? It was said to be ever more effective than just tying them and I was already split open on the table. Reading the reviews for Sneak Peek test it seemed as tho false results were only if it said boy. Clinical version is 99% accurate, I would trust the results, I did the same and it was correct. 1997-2023 BabyCenter, LLC, a Ziff Davis company. Roughly 1 month after the original results came in from the Sneak Peak test, we received our panel from the doctor and were told we are having a GIRL. Its a girl! This is my experience. xoxo. I will update once I find out for sure! My phleblotomist also sanitized the heck out of my arm and of course had fresh gloves on too. It was just like a stab in the gut. Note that once you confirm, this action cannot be undone. Specially , I've heard that your more likely to get a false boy result with the at home test but I haven't heard that for the clinical since there's less probability for contamination. this clinic has never had them wrong and has always had a male draw the blood. Oh my gosh!! I will find out in a few weeks at an actual scan! I have a 10 month old boy and 10 weeks pregnant with number 2. 2022 Gateway Genomics, a Myriad Genetics company. I dont know. If the result is "girl" there's no chance that the sample was contaminated, so there would be no extra work on their part. When I found out I was pregnant it took me only a couple of weeks to be 99% sure we were having a girl. I wont know for a bit! But the memories I have nowit was worth it for those!! We have 2 boys already and I read a lot of reviews of people getting a false result ???? Please keep me posted on your appointment went! I have 3 girls and 2 boys and struggled to get this last pregnancy at 42 after miscarriage. I am so happy to hear that others have resonated with my story and just get it. We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. A Group Leader is a What to Expect community member who has been selected by our staff to help maintain a positive, supportive tone within a group. We also have no strong desire for a boy or girl and just pray for a health baby. Unsatisfied about that. I have been telling myself that it was most likely just the cord or tailbone or something because we want this baby girl that we have envisioned sooo badly. Guess I was carried by the fact that its 99+% accurate. I think he was only easier to see because hes a boy! God knows how i am feeling right now. @arinsolange. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Jul 24, 2020 at 12:11 PM. I am opting not to repeat the test and will just do the NIPT after the holidays. Check with your Doctor for more accurate results, Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2023. Got the results from the doctor on Tuesday saying its a Boy! Im not sure if its changed since 2021 when I did it last but I highly recommend that over this! I had my results with in 36 hrs of my blood being drawn. It for sure dropped/dripped on the outside of the tube and I also forgot to pull my hair back and change my shirt. I don't think either is very accurate. I also have four boys and waiting to see what this baby is. (as well as doing it to myself and under my nails.) What is the difference between SneakPeek Standard and SneakPeek FastTrack? Baby is doing well and perfectly healthy. I just sat crying for past two hours I mean Im happy if baby is healthy but I so wanted my girl this is it for us and just its you so hard
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